SureCost Lite Vendors

SureCost Lite supports and limits EDI ordering from the following vendors:

Secondary Wholesale Distributors

Name State Phone   Type of Products Integration Contact Name
Anda FL (800) 331-ANDA nabp-logo


B,G,O A,C,I,S Local Sales Representative
Associated Pharmacies, Inc. (APIRx) AL (800) 243-8521 nabp-logo


G A,I,S Customer Service 
Auburn Pharmaceutical MI (248) 526-3700 x225 nabp-logo G A,I,S Lisa Rossi
Bloodworth Wholesale GA (800) 841-8700 nabp-logo G A,I,S Kevin M. Forehand
BluPax Pharmaceutical NJ (732) 902-6760 nabp-logo G A,I,S Ryan Karcher
Bonita Pharmaceutical MI (855) 729-7200 nabp-logo B,G,I,O,V A Charles Patel
Capital Wholesale Drug Co. OH (800) 282-2754 nabp-logo B,G,M A,I,S Mike Casey
D&D Wholesale Supply OH (888) 342-2609   Prescription Vials, Bottles & Oint Jars A Dan Dressel
GRX “Greenhill Trading Company” NY (877) 288-3407 nabp-logo G,O A,I,S Shellie Hatfield
Healthsource Distributors MD (855) 458-4772   B,G A,I Customer Service
Hercules Pharmaceuticals NY (800) 815-5800 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
H & H Wholesale Supply MI (800) 995-5750   G A Dave Gulas x122
HyGen Pharmaceuticals WA (877) 630-9198 nabp-logo B,G,M,O,SP,VA A,I,S Customer Service
Integral Rx-division of JM Smith Corporation SC (844) 345-3480 nabp-logo G,M,U A,C,I,R,S Customer Service
JAMS Wholesale Distribution, LLC. FL (844) 410-JAMS nabp-logo G A,I Customer Service or
KeySource Medical Inc. OH (800) 842-5991 nabp-logo G A,C,I,R,S Andy Crawford
Maks Pharma Diagnostics, Inc NY (888) 441-6257 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Masters Pharmaceutical OH (800) 982-7922 nabp-logo B,G A,C,I,S Customer Service
National Apothecary Services FL (305) 690-4233 x226 nabp-logo B,G,U I Joshua Weinstein
NDC Distributors, LLC NY (888) 694-7757 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Northeast Medical Exchange NH (603) 300-2779 nabp-logo D A Jake Caron
NuMed Pharma OH 888-278-9005 nabp-logo G,O A,I Laura Kania
Oak Drugs, Inc NY
(866) 625-9390
G,O A,I,S Ben Hodgins
Optum Wholesale, Inc CA
  G A,I,S Customer Service
Paragon Meds FL (800) 758-2955 nabp-logo B,G,I,U A,I,R,S Customer Service
Parmed Pharmaceuticals NY (605) 271-2761 nabp-logo G A,I,R,S Customer Care
Pharmsource, LLC GA (877) 336-3895 nabp-logo G,SP,M A,I,S Maykel Fernandez
Premier Rx Wholesale, LLC. OH (877) 889-4836 nabp-logo G A,D,I,S Aaron Meyer
Prescription Supply Inc. OH (800) 777-0761 nabp-logo B,G,M,V A,I,S Elaine Polizzi
ProficientRx CA (800) 787-7824 nabp-logo G A,I,S Francisco Romero
Quality Care Products OH (800) 337-8603 nabp-logo B,G,O,U A,I,S Customer Service
QK Healthcare NY (631) 439-2284 nabp-logo B,G A,I,S Customer Service
Quest Pharmaceuticals KY (800) 455-1248 nabp-logo G,O C,I,S Customer Service
Real Value Products TX (855) 681-7201 nabp-logo G A,I,S SureCost Onboarding Team
Republic Pharmaceuticals MI (800) 659-6609 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
River City Pharma OH (866) 345-3171 nabp-logo B,G,O,V,SP A,C,I,S Danny Dillon
Scripts Wholesale NY (844) 378-4779   B,G A,I,S Ryan O’Connor
Second Source Rx MO (855) 277-9266 nabp-logo G A,I,S SureCost Onboarding Team
SmartSource PA (866) 638-1464 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Southpointe Wholesale KY (866) 541-4995 nabp-logo B,G A,I,S Katy Shirley
Smart-Fill MN (855) 223-9393 nabp-logo G A,I,S Smart-Fill Support
TOP RX TN (800) 542-8677 nabp-logo G A,C,I,S Customer Service



Type of Products Carried

(B) = Brand  (D) = Diabetic Supplies/Insulins (G) = Generic  (I) = Injectables  (L)=Pharmacy Labels (M) = Medical Supplies  (O) = OTC Products  (SP) = Specialty Products  (U) = Unit Dose/Unit of Use  (VA) = Vaccines (V) = Various Items for Pharmacy Use

Vendor Integration Key
(A) = Availability / Daily Catalog
(C) = CSOS
(I) = Invoices
(R) = Returns
(S) = Advance Ship Notice (ASN or EDI-856)



Formerly known as Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD), from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).