The Smarter Purchasing SolutionTM

The Smarter, Simpler Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Solution 

SureCost is the only end-to-end purchasing solution that unifies your entire purchasing and inventory process, from identifying profit opportunities to reporting on the impact of your purchasing decisions, without disrupting your current process. Let's empower your pharmacy purchasing team by unifying purchasing and inventory in one software solution. With SureCost:

  • Manage your entire vendor and wholesaler catalog within a single interface, powered by seamless pharmacy management system and vendor integrations 

  • Harness data-driven purchasing decisions and reduce out-of-stocks by quickly identifying available product

  • Drive contract compliance with SureCost's Primary Vendor Assurance and access Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance data for audits in minutes

  • Save money with 2-5% savings (at least) on cost of goods annually, which equals 6-30x ROI 

  • Save time so your team can focus on what matters: serving patients 

SureCost LADY

5,000+ pharmacy professionals rely on SureCost to save time and money, every day. 

Watch & Learn How LTC Pharmacy Management Saves with SureCost 

  • Learn how SureCost software dramatically increased the efficiency of the LTC Pharmacy Management team's purchasing process
  • Get advice from Covenant and Magnolia Pharmacy on how to evaluate SureCost for your pharmacy
  • Hear why LTC Pharmacy Management will never go back to purchasing without SureCost


The world of purchasing is complex. SureCost simplifies it. 

Pharmacies are overwhelmed trying to navigate an increasingly complex purchasing and inventory environment. Between manufacturers, GPOs, wholesalers, vendors, and the ever-changing healthcare industry, you need a unified and flexible way to manage purchasing and inventory. Watch our 1-minute product tour and see exactly how SureCost empowers pharmacies to save more, stay compliant and work smarter. 

We help you navigate purchasing and inventory.


Over 5,000 pharmacy professionals across the country use SureCost every day to save more, stay compliant and work smarter.


The SureCost team brings over a century of collective experience in the pharmacy industry.


Recent annual purchases via SureCost accounted for over 8.5 billion dollars of the total US pharmaceutical drug spend.

How Pharmacies Save with SureCost


“SureCost brings a lot of value to customers by providing training and the knowledge to help them manage their vendor contracts and purchasing accurately and efficiently. No one else in the industry provides that type of service."

Dough Smock

- CEO, Infinity Pharmacy Solutions


“Purchasing the right drug at the right price is priority number one in operating a successful pharmacy. SureCost is the solution to and direction needed to develop and manage a comprehensive, detailed, sound and accurate purchasing program."

Denis Holmes

- Managing Partner, AccuScripts Pharmacy

Mercury Pharmacy Services

“The team at SureCost is professional and brings significant value in regards to inventory management best practices. SureCost software has increased our efficiencies in purchasing, which directly hits the bottom line. The data available through SureCost and our analysis of this information gives us the ability to make smart decisions regarding inventory control."

Steve Boulanger, R.Ph.

- President, Mercury Pharmacy Services


“It's incredible how much I utilize SureCost throughout my day. Purchase history, returns, price comparison, equivalency, stock availability and orders are just the tip of the iceberg."

Tracy Zahn

- Inventory Manager, Young at Heart Pharmacy

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Read our Case Study

Learn how The Prescription Center, a retail and long term care pharmacy, saves with SureCost.

With smarter purchasing made easy, they no longer waste time on inefficient purchasing tasks. The Prescription Center is saving more on COGs and staying compliant with intelligent, automated workflows, plus Primary Vendor Assurance.

Calculate your Savings in Seconds

On average, pharmacies save 2% or more of their annual COGs by using SureCost. Calculate your potential savings in just seconds with our Savings Calculator.   


Smarter Purchasing and Smarter Inventory

SureCost Pharmacy Customers...

Save More

Save More

  • Gain complete pricing transparency
  • Maximize replenishment and transfers
  • Harness intelligent reporting and automation
Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

  • Confirm compliance with vendors, wholesalers and GPOs 
  • Drive savings across vendor, GPOs and buying groups with customer purchasing rules
  • Access DSCSA compliance data for audits in minutes
Work Smarter

Work Smarter

  • Unite purchasing and inventory
  • Integrate accounts payable and customer data
  • Utilize mobile-ready features and functionality

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Let's discuss how SureCost can support your pharmacy — to streamline workflows, provide cost of goods saving and reach your purchasing goals, while gaining a return on investment. Let’s talk about: 

  • The best SureCost options to meet your pharmacy's needs
  • Outlining a personalized demonstration of our solutions for your pharmacy
  • A strategy for how your pharmacy can save more, stay compliant
    and work smarter

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