Save More. Stay Compliant. Work Smarter.

The Smarter Purchasing Solution™ 

SureCost empowers you and your pharmacy team with analytics and insights by unifying pharmacy purchasing and inventory in one software solution. Access your entire vendor and wholesaler catalog, harness purchasing and inventory data to make better decisions, and optimize your workflows to save more, stay compliant and work smarter.

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The world of purchasing is complex. 

Pharmacies are overwhelmed trying to navigate an increasingly complex purchasing and inventory environment. Between manufacturers, GPOs, wholesalers, vendors, and the ever-changing healthcare industry, you need a unified and flexible way to manage purchasing and inventory.

We help you navigate purchasing and inventory.


Over 20,000 pharmacy professionals across the country use SureCost every day to save more, stay compliant and work smarter.


The SureCost team brings over seven decades of collective experience in the pharmacy industry.


Recent annual purchases via SureCost accounted for over 2% or 7.5 billion dollars of the total US pharmaceutical drug spend.

Smarter Purchasing and Smarter Inventory

SureCost Pharmacies...

Save More

Save More

  • Gain complete pricing transparency
  • Maximize replenishment and transfers
  • Harness intelligent reporting and automation
Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

  • Confirm compliance with vendors, wholesalers and GPOs 
  • Drive savings across vendor, GPOs and buying groups with customer purchasing rules
  • Access Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance data for audits in minutes
Work Smarter

Work Smarter

  • Unite purchasing and inventory
  • Integrate accounts payable and customer data
  • Utilize mobile-ready features and functionality

How Pharmacies Save with SureCost

Calculate your Savings with SureCost

On average, pharmacies save 2% or more of their annual cost of goods by using SureCost. Calculate your potential savings.  


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Let's discuss how SureCost can support your pharmacy — to streamline workflows, provide the cost of goods saving and positive ROI and help
you reach your purchasing goals. 

Let’s talk about: 

  • The best SureCost options to meet your pharmacy's needs
  • Outlining a personalized demonstration of our solutions for your pharmacy
  • A strategy for how your pharmacy can save more, stay compliant
    and work smarter

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