Purchasing Management Software for Pharmacies

Save Time. Save Money. Stay Compliant.

SureCost is the only purchasing solution that works with the three largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, a vast majority of secondary vendors and manufacturers and integrates with pharmacy management systems. 

Discover new savings opportunities, ensure compliance and save your team time and headaches with customizable workflows, robust reporting and seamless purchase order management within one fully-integrated solution. 


Purchasing Management Software

Smarter Purchasing

  • Uncover savings with your entire vendor and wholesaler catalog in one place, including purchasing options aligned with your contracts (SureCost highlights discrepancies and calculates potential savings).
  • Stay compliant across different categories and vendors through custom purchasing rules, auditing and Primary Vendor Assurance.
  • Increase productivity with intelligent automation, reporting, analytics, secure integrations and data feeds, and eliminate inefficient purchase order management via multiple systems.
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Compliance Reporting

  • Check vendor and GPO compliance
  • Ensure invoicing at the correct price
  • Confirm DSCSA compliance in minutes

Catalog Sync 

  • Drive savings across all vendors, GPOs and buying groups
  • All purchasing catalogs synced to a single reference
  • Purchase order reconciliation to verify billing
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Contracts and Rebates 

  • Manage all contracts in one place
  • Rebates factored into purchasing decisions
  • Track all expenditures

How Pharmacies Thrive with SureCost

Watch the SureCost Product Tour

Watch our 1-minute product tour to see:

  • A deeper dive on SureCost’s features 
  • The ways your pharmacy can succeed with SureCost
  • How a solution designed by pharmacists empowers pharmacies

Ditch the terminal. Meet SureCost's Mobile App.

Watch our 1-minute video to see how you can:

  • Harness your smartphone or tablet to manage purchasing and inventory
  • Ditch the terminal (and the 3rd party cycle counts) to manage inventory counts on-the-go
  • Get the power of SureCost in your pocket

Inventory Management Software

Smarter Inventory

  • Harness perpetual Inventory to blend purchasing and usage for data-driven replenishment and inventory transfers.

  • Physical Inventory lets you track and report on your true inventory at its real value from anywhere.

  • Formulary management tools ensure you're giving customers the products they need and know every time.


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Digitally Manage Inventory 

  • Optimize stock and replenishment
  • Access true inventory from any location
  • Restock products using excess without unnecessary orders

Physical Inventory

  • Count, correct and report on items from any device
  • Capture true inventory at the actual purchasing costs
  • Flag discrepancies without using a third party

Formulary Management

  • Confirm compliance 
  • Maintain consistency
  • Manage at the micro or macro level

See SureCost Inventory in Action

Watch our 1-minute Inventory Management video to see:

  • A deeper dive on SureCost’s inventory features 
  • How SureCost facilitates data-driven replenishment
  • How to save time, increase efficiency and work smarter

Customized, Secure Integrations and Upgrades

Smarter Workflows

  • Integrates with accounts payable for easy reconciliation
  • Warehouse functions to manage product distribution and movement
  • Pharmacy management system integration enhances analysis and decision-making
  • Multiple secure data feed options
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Accounts Payable Integration

  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Three-way electronic invoicing
  • Eliminate paper invoices and packing slips

Pharmacy Management System Integration

  • Unify price catalog according to past purchases
  • Access accurate cost data across the entire supply chain

  • Send product receipt data to all vendors

  • Dynamically calculate utilization and replenishment

Warehouse to Pharmacy Distribution

  • Centralized distribution hub
  • Capture usage and movement data
  • Program product destination according to NDC and flag deviations

Custom Data Feeds

  • Link to pharmacy management system, ERP or data warehouse at required intervals
  • Transmit via AS2, FTP, CSOS, secure FTP and email

Smarter Purchasing Made Easy

  • Optimize purchasing and inventory
  • Increase efficiency and maintain compliance
  • Ensure customers have what they want at the best prices