SureCost Vendors

With no additional fees to add more vendors, SureCost supports purchasing from the following vendors:

All national wholesalers, including but not limited to the following:

Name State Phone   Products Integration
AmeriSourceBergen PA (800) 829-3132 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA A,C,I,R,S
Drogueria Betances, Inc. PR (787) 653-1200   B,G,O,M A,I
Dakota Drug, Inc. ND (701) 852-2141 nabp-logo B,G,M A,I,S
Henry Schein NY (631) 843-5500 nabp-logo DNT,O,M,SPS,V,VA A,I,R
Morris & Dickson LA (800) 388-3833 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA A,C,I,S
NC Mutual Wholesale Drug Company NC (919) 596-2151 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA I
Smith Drug Company SC (800) 572-1216 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA A,C,I,R,S
Value Drug Company PA (800) 252-3786 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA A,C,I

Secondary Wholesale Distributors

Anda FL (800) 331-ANDA nabp-logo


B,G,O A,C,I,S Local Sales Representative
Associated Pharmacies, Inc. (APIRx) AL (800) 243-8521 nabp-logo


G A,I,S Customer Service 
Astor Pharmaceuticals LLC MI (631) 888-9052 nabp-logo G,O,M,V A,I,S Bobby Rallakis
Auburn Pharmaceutical MI (248) 526-3700 x225 nabp-logo G A,I,S Lisa Rossi
Besse Medical TX (800) 543-2111 nabp-logo SP,VA A,I,S Customer Service
Bloodworth Wholesale GA (800) 841-8700 nabp-logo G A,I,S Kevin M. Forehand
BluPax Pharmaceutical NJ (732) 902-6760 nabp-logo G A,I,S Marsha Johnson x202
Bonita Pharmaceutical MI (855) 729-7200 nabp-logo B,G,I,O,V A Charles Patel
Capital Wholesale Drug Co. OH (800) 282-2754 nabp-logo B,G,M A,I,S Mike Casey
D&D Wholesale Supply OH (888) 342-2609   Prescription Vials, Bottles & Oint Jars A Dan Dressel
DrugZone Pharmaceuticals NY (800) 210-0845 nabp-logo A,G,O,V A,I,S Jack Doxtader
FFF Enterprises CA (800) 843-7477 nabp-logo VA,SP A,I,S Local Sales Rep & SureCost Support Team
GRX “Greenhill Trading Company” NY (877) 288-3407 nabp-logo G,O A,I,S Shellie Hatfield
Health Care Logistics OH (800) 848-1633   Various Pharmacy Related Products A,I,S Caila Schoen
Healthsource Distributors MD (855) 458-4772   B,G A,I Customer Service
Hercules Pharmaceuticals NY (800) 815-5800 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
HHCRx OH (855) 248-3055    B,D,SP,VA A,I,S Ryan Robinson
HyGen Pharmaceuticals WA (877) 630-9198  nabp-logo B,G,M,O,SP,VA A,I,S Customer Service
IPC – Independent Pharmacy Coop. WI (800) 755-1531 nabp-logo B,G,M A,I,S Click on IPC Vendor Link
Integral Rx-division of JM Smith Corporation SC (844) 345-3480 nabp-logo G,M,U A,C,I,R,S Customer Service
JAMS Wholesale Distribution, LLC. FL (844) 410-JAMS nabp-logo G A,I Customer Service or
KeySource Medical Inc. OH (800) 842-5991 nabp-logo G A,I,R,S Andy Crawford
Maks Pharma Diagnostics, Inc NY (888) 441-6257 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Masters Pharmaceutical OH (800) 982-7922 nabp-logo B,G,O,V,SP A,C,I,S Customer Service
MHC Medical Products, LLC OH (888) 220-0629   D, M, SPS A,C,I,S Grant Smith
National Apothecary Services FL (305) 690-4233 x226 nabp-logo B,G,U I Joshua Weinstein
NDC Distributors, LLC NY (888) 694-7757 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Northeast Medical Exchange NH (603) 300-2779 nabp-logo D A Jake Caron
NuMed OH (888) 278-9005 nabp-logo G,O A,I Laura Kania
Oak Drugs, Inc NY
(866) 625-9390
nabp-logo G,O A,I,S Ben Hodgins
Parmed Pharmaceuticals NY (800) 727-6331 nabp-logo G A,I,R,S Customer Care
Pharmsource, LLC GA (877) 336-3895 nabp-logo A, G,M,SP A,I,S Maykel Fernandez
Premier Rx Wholesale, LLC. OH (877) 889-4836 nabp-logo D,G A,I,S Aaron Meyer
Prescription Supply Inc. OH (800) 777-0761 nabp-logo B,G,M,VA A,I,S Elaine Polizzi
Primed Pharmaceuticals NKJ (866) 795-3599 nabp-logo G A,I,S Sam Wachsman
ProficientRx CA (800) 787-7824 nabp-logo G A,I,S Francisco Romero
Quality Care Products OH (800) 337-8603 nabp-logo B,G,O,U A,I,S Customer Service
QK Healthcare NY (631) 439-2284 nabp-logo B,G A,I,S Customer Service
Quest Pharmaceuticals KY (800) 455-1248 nabp-logo G,O C,I,S Customer Service
Real Value Products TX (855) 681-7201 nabp-logo G A,I,S SureCost Onboarding Team
Republic Pharmaceuticals MI (800) 659-6609 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Second Source Rx MO (855) 277-9266 nabp-logo G A,I,S SureCost Onboarding Team
SmartSource PA (866) 638-1464 nabp-logo G A,I,S Customer Service
Southpointe Wholesale KY (866) 541-4995 nabp-logo B,G A,I,S Katy Shirley
TOP RX TN (800) 542-8677 nabp-logo G A,C,I,R,S Customer Service


Don’t see a vendor? Please contact our business development team at 888-363-7596, Opt 1, Extension 404 to inquire.


*Note: Some of the Mfgs are limited on EDI. Please contact us for more information at 888-363-7596, Opt 1, Ext 404.

Acadia, Accord, Accutome, Acella, Acorda, AdvaGen, Ajanta, Akorn, Akron, Alembic, Allergan, Althera, Altium, Alvogen, American Regent, Amerigen, Amici, Amneal, Amring, ANI, Apotex, Arkray, Ascend, Aurobindo, Avanir, Avella, Avet, Azurity
Bausch Health, Baxter, Bayshore, BE Pharmaceuticals, Biocon, Biohaven, BionPharma, BocaGreenMD, Breckenridge, Camber, Cameron, Carlsbad, Chartwell, Cipla, CMP, Cosette, Covis, Crown Labs, Curascript SD, DaVinci, Dermavant Sciences, Dermrite, Dexcom, Dr. Reddy’s, Dynarex, ECI, Edenbridge, Encube Ethicals, Epic, EPI Health, Exeltis USA, Eywa, Ferring, Freeda, Geri-Care, Glenmark, Granules, Greenstone/Viatris (formerly Mylan), Harris, Heritage, Hi-Tech, Hikma, HTL-Strefa, Indivior, Ingenus, Janssen, Janus, JG Pharma, JHP, Journey Medical, Jubilant/Cadista, Kremers Urban, KVK-Tech
Lannett, Laser, Leading, Lifestar, Lumara, Lupin, Macleods, Mallinckrodt, Mango Humphries, Major, Mayne, Medisca, Medline, Method, Micro Labs, Nephron, Nephro-Tech, New World Imports, Nivagen, Nortech, Nostrom, Novadoz, Novitium Pharma, Nutrica, Orchid, Oxford, Pai, Par, Perrigo/Padagis, Pfizer, Prasco, Quinn, Quality Choice, Redhill Biopharma, Renaissance, Rhodes, Rising, Ritedose, Rugby
Safrel, Sagent, Sandoz, Sanofi, Sciegen, Sea Industries, SigmaPharm, Slate Run, Solco, Somerset, STI Pharma, Strides, Sun, Sunovion, Tagi, Taro, Teligent, Teva, Theralogix, TherapeuticsMD, Time-Cap Labs, Tolmar, Torrent, Trifecta, Trigen, TruPharma, TWI, Unichem, UniFirst-GreenGuard Medique, Upsher-Smith, US World Meds, Valeant, Vensun, Vifor, Virtus, VitaMedMD, Westminister, WG Critical Care, Wilshire, Winthrop (Sanofi), Wockhardt USA, Xeris, Xiromed, Zydus

Product Key

Type of Products Carried

(A) = Animal Health

(B) = Brand

(D) = Diabetic Supplies/Insulins

(DNT) = Dental Supplies

(G) = Generic

(I) = Injectables

(L) = Pharmacy Labels

(M) = Medical Supplies

(O) = OTC Products

(SP) = Specialty Products

(SPS) = Specialty Supplies

(U) = Unit Dose/Unit of Use

(VA) = Vaccines

(V) = Various Items for Pharmacy / Clinical Use

Vendor Integration Key
(A) = Availability / Daily Catalog
(C) = CSOS
(I) = Invoices
(R) = Returns
(S) = Advance Ship Notice (ASN or EDI-856)



Formerly known as Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD), from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).